Emerald Dragon X68000 Museum


This is Program Data Specifications of the Emerald Dragon.

The Emerald Dragon has 8192x8192 pixel size field as one region. But that binary data source size are only 20Kbytes. Incredible compression technique.

If you recognized that it is collection of 8x8 pixel images, you can make this map by index tables. But 8192x8192 maps needs 1024x1024 indexes. It's needs size of 1Mbytes. This map is made by the data that the hierarchical structure of four phases of recursive index tables.

"Emerald Dragon" Data Specifications
Jan. 29, 1993
(JP only)

□ Opening (HTML5 edition)

This is "Emerald Dragon X68K Opening" Javascript Edition. It works only HTML5 modern browser. It may works Android or iOS browser.
Thanks to Radical R and Toyoch for translation.


  • Prologue -Genesis-
  • Prologue -Catastrophe-
  • Prologue -Encounter-
  • Prologue -Recollection-
  • Prologue -Departure-
  • Prologue -Determination-
  • Adventurer
  • Reunion
  • Tamryn's Theme
  • Shop
  • Castle Ervad
  • Worrier Barusom
  • King Ervad
  • Town
  • Cave
  • Silver Dragon
  • Strategy
  • Forest Dahdowa
  • Ostracon
  • Fate
  • Castle Draugwand
  • Monster
  • Large Kasha Island, Small Kasha Island
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Tamryn's Love Song
  • After Confrontation
  • Crisis
  • Fortress Horus
  • Emerald Dragon
  • Battle
  • Ending
ComposerNobuhito Koise
Hiromi Okamura
Ikki Nakamura
Tenpei Sato