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□ Opening

Ishbahn, a sacred place of ancient legend.

Nobody knows who founded it, when or where it existed.

But there is one thing for certain:
All you experience is the truth and is entrusted to you.

So begins this story.

Thousands of years ago, Dragons dwelled in the land of Ishbahn.
Due to the dragon's natural fiery temperament,
they were unable to coexist peacefully with humanity.
However, through either the warm climate or some magical power
bound within the land, Dragons were able to understand human
language and chose to live with all races.

The collapse came out of nowhere.
Someone casted a curse on the land of Ishbahn,
the sanctuary for all life.
It turned paradise into hell; as the curse only
targeted Dragons and killed them.
Dragons, the Lords of all creatures, had no way
to prevent their kin's death.
Thus Dragons left Ishbahn, crossed the dimenisonal wall,
and created a land called Draguria.
Some of them chose to stay within the deep underground
of Ishbahn.
However, most of them couldn't escape the deadly curse.
And time passed.
One day, a shipwreck appeared on the shores of Draguria.
From its ornaments, the ship appeared to be from Ishbahn.
Dragons were suprised to see it, as an Ishbahn ship managed
to cross the dimensional barrier to be stranded there.
More importantly, the shipwreck had a survivor, a little girl.
Dragons took her in, named her Tamryn,
and raised her together with Atrushan,
the son of the Blue Dragon, who was the same age as her.
Dragons valued Atrushan highly, since dragons have
very long lifespan, but rarely have children.

So Dragons understood the importance of children,
even if the girl wan't one of them.
Time passed as if in a dream,
changing into memories.
Now 12 years have passed,
and a separation is about to occur.
Tamryn went to a hill overlooking the coast,
where the ship washed up ashore 12 years ago.
Atrushan"What's the matter, Tamryn?"
Tamryn"Oh, Atrushan."
Atrushan"White Dragon summoned you earlier; can you tell me
what that was about?"
Tamryn"I've... decided to return to Ishbahn."
Atrushan"Wha... he must've said some unnecessary things again..."
Tamryn"It's not that! Atrushan, please listen to me.
White Dragon has encouraged me before,
saying humans are happiest living amongst their kind."
Atrushan"I don't agree.
We've been living in harmony so far."
Tamryn"It has been wonderful up to this point.
But think about it.
I am a human, and if we continue living like this,
we will face a painful parting some day. So I will return
to Ishbahn and try to look for happiness as a human."
Atrushan"... Okay. If you are that determined,
I will not stop you."
Atrushan"Tamryn, please take this horn with you.
When you need me, just blow on it and
I will find you no matter where you are."

The next day, Tamryn departed to Ishbahn,
with Atrushan's horn in her hand.
Meanwhile in Ishbahn, an evil force appeared out of nowhere
and has been leaving chaos and destructions in its wake.
And it had been 15 years since Ervad, the only kingdom
in Ishbahn sent their army to the main battlefield to the West.

The strength of both forces are equal
and the war is expected to drag on for years.
Three years passed
after Tamryn returned to Ishbahn.
Ervad's army fought well for a long time, but with the
appearance of the evil force's elite unit led by Ostracon,
Ervad was defeated in the battle over Castle Draugwand,
losing most of their army.

If the fortress protected under SS Chief Sada
of the King's Army happens to fall, the evil force
will be able to invade Castle Ervad in a day.
Once Castle Ervad falls, the demon king will be
able to take complete control of Ishbahn,
shrouding the land with eternal darkness.
While the people panicked with fear, Tamryn made up her mind.
All the men in the land were enlisted for the war.
With woman and childen about to face their end,
Tamryn decided to gather strength and join the war
against the evil force.

She was certain that it was time to use the horn.
The sound of Atrushan's horn roared,
as if it would blow the dark clouds away.
Translation Toyoch & Radical R

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