ZAVAS X68K Museum
Original Author Sanyutei-Enjo
Producer J.D. Kato
Original Program O.Ikegame
Chief K.Otou
Scenario J.D. Kato
CG Design Mitsu.Takahashi
Design works Akihiro.Kimura
Title Logo H.Seitou
Charactor/Map Graphics Mitsu.Takahashi
Visual Design Akihiro.Kimura
Cover Illustration Tori Miki
Music H.Okamura
Debug E Jun
Conductor A.Ando
Hoee Quwata
Production POPCOM SOFT
Development GLODIA

Emulator Edition

This is the Disk Image of "ZAVAS X68K" for X68K Emulator. (JP)
Download (≈1.25MB)
ZV68SYS.xdfSystem Disk(Boot Disk)
ZV68DSKA.xdfData Disk A
ZV68DSKB.xdfData Disk B
ZV68USR.xdfBlank Disk for Save/Load
  1. Recommended

    WinX68kHighSpeedv0.95 works.

  2. Download Emurator
    • Download WinX68kHighSpeedv0.95.
      Extract it and put *.XDF to "WinX68kHighSpeed.exe" folder.
    • Download the bios image for X68000 at EX68 HP.
      Select "*****(Accept)" and download "X68000EXPERT IPL-ROM ($FE0000~$FFFFFF)".
      Put "IPLROM.DAT" to "WinX68kHighSpeed.exe" folder.
  3. How to play

    Start the "WinX68kHighSpeed.exe". Set the ZV68SYS.xdf (System Disk) to "FDD0" and ZV68DKSA.xdf (Data Disk A) to "FDD1".
    Select menu Option - Joykey Mode check, the directinal Key and X, Z key works as Joy Stick.
    Select menu System - Reset then game start.

    WinX68kHighSpeed works 32bit Windows OS.
    If your windows are 64bit, WinX68kHighSpeed.exe right click and view the properties, set compatibility mode with Windows XP (SP3).

  4. Operation
    • On Field
      KeyboradJoyKey ModeFunction
      Ten-key 2468Directional keyMove
      ESCZOpen System Menu
      PX+ZOpen Putos Menu
      ※ Press SHIFT Key then walk faster.
    • On Menu
      KeyboardJoyKey ModeFunction
      Number keysSelect No. directly
      SPACE・BSUp/Down keySelect No. Inc./Dec.
  5. Appendix

    After System - Reset, Press M key while GLODIA Logo Animation, then Music Mode starts.


  • Mardi

    The hero of this game, the player yourself. Mardi, have been of Royal Pedigree, but, in this Aranparch not already exist of the King, there is only kind of each region Lord. So why, he has the Royal Pedigree of what? This begins the game enjoy that. Not think too deeply. Only thinking a brave character with a strong. In physical strength and fighting ability and moderate, balanced character. You can't use any magic.

  • Karlaman

    A specialist of the sword. The descendants of the family of Geraldine famous fighter. From an early age into the Dojo, where they will train. Dojo is located in Bogento town. Karlaman hunt by Galivas brothers decreased their number. They lurking in the basement. Combat skill is excellent and needs them in combat. However, the disadvantage is that the fickle, selfish, is often seen on the genius type.

  • Grassi

    The giant Gladiators lives Tarji village. Competed in mixed martial arts like sumo wrestling suit and earning the prize. A strong hand good as well for the hammer, spear-type weapons. The rush power is better, but am not good at the details. Some of it is mental weak. Break the wall of many forts, so Grassi is required character.

  • Villinch

    It is men like Ben Johnson was born to run live Naam village Villinch. Nam village, running from morning till night, catching is hard. It is selfish and sloppy, alcoholic, irresponsible character. I don't think so useful in combat, but the nice thing about the fastest. Brinch, food and drugs that you can buy to let. But you might not come back often.

  • Syafurunarze

    The eldest daughter of Giada's three sisters. Vain and selfish. On age, so from the beginning levels are high. The most courageous among three sisters. Undaunted in the grotesque enemy. Like jewelry, best in the three sisters. And not been given trinkets to always become surly, sullen. Or present during the camp and tell good.

  • Faranarku

    The second daughter of Giada's three sisters. Good personality, accustomed to hear people say that. However, the drawback is a weak, procrastination and spiritless. In such quiet daughter recently so rare.

  • Arunawarze

    The youngest of the three sisters of Giada. Boy-like personality. Years younger, lower-level, guts and spirit is strong and likes to fight with a sword or a bow more than behind the magics. The surge in character become a long and adventurous journey Companion.We recommend to choose carefully.

  • Giada

    The wizard of Aranparch. Currently takes a year, genial personality. Once a magic weapon languish super-hard, Galivas Nadja et seems to be the Magic's showdown. Three sisters of Giada's mother was already dead. But the woman once involved Giada 'Subash' story but important role.

  • Dinniyah

    Witch woman in Giada's House had been brought up from a young age. Was born in unknown. Now 25 years old. Before this story begins, she is betraying the Giada, "Giada's book" to stealing. It was unclear where they commented why. However, it shows no signs blaming Giada had stolen the precious book, even though. Either way, "Giada's book" soulless, daughter can't magic. That person must always find.

  • Majo Ghoul

    The old witch had long settled in the Giada village. Nature is nasty, not loved by anyone, but lived nearly 40 years on this ground. But recently with the escape of Dinniyah has disappeared from the Giada village. And also had a relationship with Sorcerer Rania said. There is rumor that Majo Ghoul, Satan dharug and garbus Nadja close. Anyway in presence of mystery. Now, even the life and death is not known.

  • Sorcerer Rania

    Giada village in the witch once lived. Fight duels with Giada and magic in more than 20 years ago, was defeated, had been transformed into crows. No one after I saw that Crow, Crow flight from the duel. Wanted old Giada was doing to the animal spirits also showed too much in a duel of the past, wants to solve the magic. However, Sorcerer Rania did not finally come. Villagers who were thought to have already perished in the sea. But he is alive. In life and lived only 20 years to avenge Giada. Where in I don't know.

  • Fugard III

    The King governs the northern part of Fergana district. Is famous as a King to govern well, excellent. We recommend you visit if you go near,. However, recent strange yet in seems to struggle also became cautious and said security is hard, so he approached. In this game only the King and they say they are the tallest.

  • Master craftman Hiramu

    Aranparch Goldsmith. Only craftsmen make hard, light armor, using a recipe handed down from generation to generation. However, Hiram House isn't. That said, as commented or been kidnapped by henchmen of the Garybas or Bewitched. Be that accurate information from going to the site. Can be as disciples still remained to gather information.

  • Lana

    The daughter of Hiram. Is very beautiful. Question anyone like say YES, say YES and you can kiss. It is very nice. To listen if you see up.

  • Desert merchant

    The mystery of the unidentified dealer. Across each person's good luck. That's because that sells high-quality weapons and armor, such as not sold in regular shops. You shoud bought a lot when I saw him! And using high-level tools for increasing their ability in this game is effective.

  • The Bishop of Mt. Athos

    Mt. Athos is Ddugestan continent and here is where religion to worship the God King Orumuzuto. As well as the monks simply choked to the gods, magic and martial arts training. Therefore, Bishop has the role of army generals and religious leaders. Now, instead of this Bishop sick Deputy Bishop exercise at the helm.

  • Lake girl Tomoko

    Unidentified girl. She is pretty, but not it necessarily means of Justice. Of course, connections to Darugu or Garibas is not. Meet this girl and something happens, and just say that. When you see her anyway, standing on the banks of the Lake, should be talk to. Become unintended unfortunate or unexpected happiness may be.

  • The Queen of the fairies

    The fairy, is less than 30 cm tall. She is a tribe of the tragedy Queen, Queen of sorrow. It has the magical ability to calm people's minds. Reportedly once lived in heaven, or Satan had been captured. She is indeed alive, but it is unknown where she is. Looking forward to see where.

  • The master of the Dojo

    Karlaman, who has excellent technology and spirit, will be mainly Borjent Dojo. With the eyes make sure of things within the essence from the many years of training. Get the hermit-like impression. For Karlaman, is like a parent. You should meet to hire Karlaman in this game.

  • God Putos

    As you know, God Putos is the administrator for this game. God Putos was comming directly by calling on the sepcifications initialy. But the himself does not come out now. The Goddess Jolanta hears requests of Mardi instead. Statues of Putos scattered towns and villages and forts. The devote to God Putos might be good to advancing the game.

  • Goddess Jolanta

    Though so cheap and lower, God Putos is God. There is no dignity that God comes so quickly, so Goddess Jolanta has appeared as follower. Her face is pure gold in the game, but really is so cute. Do your best to not be told as "Oh, also died of? Miserable!".


  • Fanfare 1
  • Fanfare 2
  • Fergana region
  • Fergana Castle
  • The treasures of the Qanat
  • The Alfre Citadel
  • Calum Tower
  • Marameiya region
  • Toma village
  • Drugestan continent
  • Draguria
  • House of Ghoul
  • Buruban fortress
  • Daruzone Empire
  • Final Battle
  • Kizuna
  • Epilogue Theme
  • Battle
  • The tragedy theme
  • Guiter 1
  • Guiter 2
  • End of struggle
  • Zavas Theme
  • Main Title
  • Shop
Composer Okamura Hiromi
Koise Nobuhito
Yoshikazu Suzuki