Vain Dream II Museum

Emulator Edition

This is the Disk Image of "Vain Dream II" for emulator. (JP Only)
Download (≈4.3MB) (*2003 builded)
Download (≈4.3MB) (*2016 another disk image)
VAIN2_S.D88System Disk(Boot Disk)
VAIN2_DA.D88Data Disk A
VAIN2_DB.D88Data Disk B
VAIN2_DC.D88Data Disk C
VAIN2_OP.D88Opening Disk(Boot Disk for Opening Visual)
  1. Recommended

    Neko Project II PC-9801 Emulator Emulator works.

    Download and extract zip and put *.D88 to same folder of "np2.exe".

  2. How to play

    Start "np2.exe". Open the VAIN2_S.D88 (System Disk) at "FDD1" and open VAIN2_DA.D88 (Data Disk A) at "FDD2". Then select Emulate - Reset to start game.
    If opened dialog "doraive(Drive)2 ni deita disuku(DATA DISK) (B) wo..", open the VAIN2_DB.D88 (Data Disk B) at "FDD2". If "(C)" then open the VAIN2_DC.D88 (Data Disk C).

    Open the VAIN2_OP.D88 (Opening Disk) at FDD1 and select Emulate - Reset, then Opening Visual plays.

  3. Operation
    Directional key or 2468 on Ten-key : Move, Select menu
    SPACE or RETURN : Decide, Message skip
    ESC : Menu
    SHIFT + Move : Walk faster


Advertisement Leaflet Images.

"Vain II" Leaflet Surface
"Vain II" Leaflet Back


  • Opening
  • Cave
  • Battle
  • Sand Castle
  • Priest Dragon
  • Tower of Armor
  • Cave of Resuscitation
  • Goddess in Dark
  • Green Field
Composer Ikki Nakamura