Die Bahnwelt Emulator Edition
Die Bahnwelt
Game Design Hiroyuki Kuwata
Scenario Kenichi Hirasawa
Programming Kenichi Hirasawa
Hiroyuki Kuwata
Visual Design / Illustrations Toshio Yamamoto
Map Design Minoru Tomonaga
Yoshinori Takahashi
Charactor Graphics Natsumi Arisawa
Music Ikki Nakamura
Sound Engineer Nobuhito Koise
Hoee Kuwata
Manual Text Aki Yoshida
Producer Osamu Ikegame
Thanks Osamu Sato
Tomoko Sato
Jane Yamada

□ About "Die Bahnwelt"

This is a action story game for the X68000.


Long ago, an ancient civilization prospered,
due to a hybrid of advanced technology
and mystical powers.
Legend has it that the Ancients were so
powerful, they could shape the surface of the
planet and control the currents of the oceans.

The Ancients who wielded this power created a
world that existed between dimensions and yet
was still close to where humans lived.
The name of this world was... Verle a Zohll.

Long after the Ancients lost control of the
power and were annihilated, the planet
continues to drift between dimensions...

(Translated ©RadicalR)

□ About Disk Image

This is the disk image of "Die Bahnwelt" for emurator "WinX68kHighSpeed". I re-compiled original source code on the emurator. It's customized for emurator.

Download (≈3.8MB)
BW_SYS.XDFSystem Disk(Boot Disk)
BW_END.XDFEnding Disk(Data Disk for Ending Visual and Boot Disk for Music Mode)
BW_OPEN.XDFOpening Disk(Boot Disk for Opening Visual)
BW_USER.XDFBlank Disk(for User Data Save)
  1. Download WinX68kHighSpeedv0.95.
    Extract it and put *.XDF to "WinX68kHighSpeed.exe" folder.
  2. Download the bios image for X68000 at EX68 HP.
    Select "*****(Accept)" and download "X68000EXPERT IPL-ROM ($FE0000~$FFFFFF)".
    Put "IPLROM.DAT" to "WinX68kHighSpeed.exe" folder.
  3. Start the "WinX68kHighSpeed.exe". Set the BW_SYS.XDF (System Disk) to FDD0, and BW_DATA.XDF (Data Disk A) to FDD1.
    Select menu Option - The amount of MainMemory to over 2M.
    Select menu Option - Config - Keyborad. Assign XF1 and XF2 to any windows key.
    Select menu Option - Joykey Mode check, the directinal Key and X, Z key works as Joy Stick.
    Select menu System - Reset then game start.
    WinX68kHighSpeed works 32bit Windows OS.
    If your windows are 64bit, WinX68kHighSpeed.exe right click and view the properties, set compatibility mode with Windows XP (SP3).
  4. Appendix

    Setting BW_OPEN.XDF (Opening Disk) to FDD0, and restart by System - Reset, It's start "Opening Visual".

    Setting BW_END.XDF (Ending Disk) to FDD0, and restart by System - Reset, It's start "Music Mode".

□ Translated Patch

RadicalR has been translated. How Great!!

Patch the xdelta files to XDF files by xdelta UI or else.


This archive is the sample image of the HDD installation of Die Bahnwelt after installed WinX68k-HighSpeed and downloaded Human68K DOS or bios-image from SHARP.
Download and start "WinX68kHighSpeed.exe", type 'BW.BAT' in X68 emurator so game starts.

Patched translation (Download≈9.0MB)
!! Warning !!

You can't distribute them to others because it is included in a copyrighted work. Please use only as a guide on your setup.

□ Game Manual

Under Costruction..
(Based Bing translation)

□ Abstract

You "Connor McGuire" must look for a way to go back to the original world with Rania's Assistant in a faraway land "Verle A Zholl" secrets of the power of the mysterious "Verl Bious".
First coming in "Forecs" the holy city of "Verle A Zholl" already ruins. Here already without life, automatic or robotic interfere with you.

□ Equipment

You can be equipped with up to 4 weapons. The weapons is hidden somewhere in "Verle A Zholl".
Energy Package
Some weapons consumes each matched energy-packages. Energy packages can be get by defeating enemies or is hidden somewhere in "Verle A Zholl".
Force Generator
You can weaken the enemy attacks with the equiping the Force Generator. The Force Generator is hidden somewhere in "Verle A Zholl".
It is what would be required in the scenario.

□ Game Screen

Charactor View
Life Gauge
Saving Sign
Energy Package Stocks
Weapon Settings
Force Generator Gauge
Field View
Field View
Top view of the game world.
Charactor View
Displays the character of the party.
Life Gauge
If the hero life be zero will the game is over.
Weapon Settings
Displays the weapons and package types.
Force Generator Gauge
Displays the Force Generatoe symbol.
Energy Package Stocks
Displays stocks each Energy Packages.
Saving Sign
This sign flashes in the save area.

□ Game Play State

Battle State
Is playing the game while eliminating robot attacks and monsters. Partners will come while fighting with you about your actions.
Save State
It is entering the room, and the enemy was not appear temporarily. You can save the game datas only in the Save State. In Save State, the Saving Sign flashes.
Menu State
By using a menukey operation, display the menu. (See Menu Mode)
Story State
When you touched the important items in the game, display conversation or else.

□ Key Operation

Assign "XF1" and "XF2" of X68000 key by Emurators option configuration.

Directional key or 2468 on Ten-key used for movement of charactors or menu selection.
Cursor Key Ten-key
(NUM Lock ON)
Weapons fire / Decide
This is the key to fire a weapon. Be used to determine for the menu selection too.
X68-SPACE Joystick Joykey-mode
SPACE Key JoyPad B button 'X' key
Weapons change / Cancel
This is the key to change the weapons. Be used to cancel for the menu selection.
X68-XF2 Joystick Joykey-mode
(default JP-Muhenkan) JoyPad A button 'Z' key
Open Menu
Open the menu.
X68-XF1 X68-[-] Joystick Joykey-mode
(default ALT) Ten-key [-] Keep holding down
the Joypad A and B buttons
more than 0.5 seconds.
Keep holding down
the 'X' and 'Z' keys
more than 0.5 seconds.

□ Menu Mode

The menu display key operations on the Battle State, you will open the Menu. Use the Cancel operation: back to Battle State from the menu.

Equipment and changes the weapons between parties.
Directs the operations of the partner. (See Plan Menu)
Displays having items and informations.
Let's select the Talk menu sometimes if got lost what to do. May party gives advice.
You can call the data such as the location and state of the saved game and restart the game from there.
The current location of the game and the State saves disk as data. (See Load/Save Menu)
Such as a game option settings menu opens.

□ Plan Menu

You can tell the plan to partners depending on the enemy's attack. Your partner defend and help you to judge for yourself.

Left the partner to attack feel free.
Make attack according to the direction of your advancing.
Will cover your rear.
Save the ammunition. Prioritize the defuse or evacuation.
Best attacks to enemies.
Be attacks at a seek position.

□ Load/Save Menu

You can call the data such as the location and state of the saved game and restart the game from there. If you game is over, start this menu automatically.
Data list that appears, select the data, press the decide key.
The current location of the game and the State saves disk as data. You can save the game datas only in the Save State. In Save State, the Saving Sign flashes.

□ Option Menu

Load or Save with User Disk
You can save data to blank discs etc other than the game disk.
Please use the BW_USER.xdf (Blank Disk for Saving).
You can play MIDI BGM.
Test/Debug Mode
It is not supposed to work in retail edition.
Exit Game
Quit the game and return to DOS Human68K. Exit the emulator.

□ Gallery

□ Jukebox

  • Prologue
  • City
  • Professor Gary
  • Strange Encounter
  • Battle
  • Verle a Zohll
  • City Ruins Forecs
  • Military Base
  • Vernich
  • Underground Cavern
  • Indigenous Village
  • Combat Theme
  • BuriedCity Bartimoor
  • Eltene
  • Brooding Theme
  • Sunken City Ferioul
  • Passage to Sky City
  • Rania's Theme
  • Oper
  • Sky City - Rexor
  • Nostalgia Theme
  • S/T Ship Lar Keior
  • Theme of Crisis
  • Wrath of Prof. Gary
  • Theme of Sadness
  • Farewell Theme
  • Ending Credits
ComposerIkki Nakamura


Title iPhone(.m4r)Android(.mp3) situation
Bahnwelt Combat download (239KB) download (206KB) for emergency
Bahnwelt Eltene download (249KB) download (294KB) for lovers
Bahnwelt Oper download (262KB) download (253KB) for happy
Bahnwelt Prof-Gary download (343KB) download (351KB) for worry

□ Technical Reports

□ Vibration Curve

Describes the strange cyclic function tables used in the scene to shake something.

□ Diffusion-Limited-Aggregation

Describe the crack pattern formation used in the transition of "Lar Keior".


The documents such as game specifications was written by using TeX (a Document Preparation System) on X68000. I can convert to PDF from these 1992 souces in the modern TeX system.

"Die Bahnwelt"
Apr. 24, 1992
(JP only)
"Die Bahnwelt"
Story Spec.
Aug. 24, 1992
(JP only)
"Die Bahnwelt"
Visual Spec.
Feb. 23, 1992
(JP only)